21-26 august 2022 - Panama City


Ciudad del Saber, this habitat located in Balboa District, in Panama City!



Why 26th VEME?

Nowadays computer-based approach is central to clinical and biological research. VEME 2022 workshop provides essential training for working in these cross cutting-issue fields.

This workshop gathers several paramount important researchers in bioinformatic field worldwide which gives you deep knowledge of the practical and theoretical concepts of bioinformatics. You will be well qualified to answer your academic questions and give feedback to peers as well as society, contributing to the advancement of science and public health.
Our programme has 4 distinct modules that will introduce you to the current methods used to interpret the vast amounts of data generated by modern DNA sequencing technologies such as:
1-Phylogeny inference;
2-Evolutionary Hypothesis Testing;
3-Next Generation Sequencing;
4-Virus Evolution to Public Health Policy Makers.